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The Lie of the Land

The Lie of the Land

How maps have been used to strategise and get ahead for centuries

September 2017

Man has always recognised the need for maps. In prehistoric times, they were created to describe the night sky, the early Greeks were the first to draw maps of the known terrestrial world, and the age of exploration in the 15-16th centuries brought about an explosion of advancements in cartography and modern man’s understanding of his physical context. Nowadays, maps are ubiquitous in our everyday lives - from the weather, to GPS, and the gamification of the mapping landscape with the likes of Pokémon GO. In short, maps have been used to plot, to navigate, to chart, to record, to play, to educate and to log information in a visual way. But how about to strategise?

Traditionally, maps have been employed in a strategic sense in times of conflict. On the battlefield, military cartographers were tasked to survey and chart terrain, identify enemy locations, position troops and target the best possible places to attack one’s enemy. Although it sounds alarmingly aggressive, we can use maps in a similar way in the business and marketing world.

By combining public and bespoke private data with mappl’s interactive mapping system, we can target our customers or audience geographically, hone our message, render our marketing efforts more efficient and, ultimately, effect faster sales or engagement.

Say, for example, you’ve created a phenomenal product, want to sell it online, yet have a limited advertising budget. With mappl, you can identify potential sales hotspots anywhere in the UK with the perfect demographic profile (affluent, white, left-wing retirees with dogs, who reside in urban areas, anyone?). All this before logging into your social media ad accounts or approaching the local rag.

Similarly, if you are looking to drive recruitment or relocate your company, with mappl you can easily identify where employees are plentiful, candidates are well qualified, living standards are high, taxes are low and commercial property is affordable.

With our clear choropleth mapping system and comprehensive data sources, the options are infinitely customizable, the process is simple, and the results are indispensable. Strategically targeting your prospective client base or audience geographically means you can ditch the scattergun, countrywide approach and make sure that the right ears hear your message and the right eyes discover what you have to offer.

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